Topic: Reed shape for Renard 240

Hi, I just switched from a 1992 Fox 601 to a new Renard 240. I was wondering, what sort of shape works well for these bassoons? Previously on my 601 I had some success with a Maxym shape and the Weisberg/Goltzer special shaper made by Fox.

Of course I'll have to make some reeds with these shapes and see how they play on my new instrument, but I would be interested to see what people would recommend.



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Re: Reed shape for Renard 240

240s are extremely common, and a wide variety of reed styles are used with them. Probably a greater variety than are used with 601s. It's all about what you like. I would use the same reed shape on both bassoons, although I might scrape a bit differently, but I would on any specific instrument anyway.

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