Topic: "Pittel Hand Eze TM" RemovesALLweight fromthe right hand4ob/bsn,cl,etc

This is The "Pittel Hand Eze TM" which removes ALL WEIGHT from the right hand, thumb and arm for Oboe, English horn, Clarinet, or Bassoon in one variation and for all members of the family of saxophones in the other variation. When weight is completely removed from The right hand thumb, the fingers move with MUCH more ease, allowing the player to concentrate on making music rather than any physical strain. The instrument no longer needs to be HELD. It just rests exactly where the artist needs it to be.
It is used in conjunction with any neck strap and reduces the weight of the instrument on the neck, transferring that weight to the body trunk. Thus, there is NO weight. The instrument does not have to be HELD at all! The oboe, English horn, Bassoon, Clarinet variation features a completely adjustable thumb rest which moves up and down reducing the strain on the thumb, ESPECIALLY for English horn. All part are moveable and The "Hand Eze TM" is also COMPLETELY adjustable for each INDIVIDUAL, allowing the instrument to move up and down vertically and further or closer to the body horizontally. Installation instructions, the history of The "Hand Eze TM", photos and ordering information can be seen at I would welcome your questions, concerns and comments.
Harvey Pittel