Topic: Mahler 3 Trill Fingering (G-4 to B-Flat-4)

I'm working on the third-bassoon part for Mahler's third symphony and am having trouble with the trill between G-4 and B-flat-4 (the G and B-flat above the staff). The fingering noted in the margin of the part is too inconsistent to rely upon. My search of the IDRS fingerings, as well as Cooper and Toplanksy's book, proved futile. Please post here with suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Mahler 3 Trill Fingering (G-4 to B-Flat-4)

Try the regular G fingering in the left hand using instead just the right hand first finger and Bb key (thumb). NO F key!!! Then tremolo with your left hand using the High A key and the C vent key together. It's really good on a Fox 601 and it worked on my Heckel as well. Let me know if it works. If it doesn't I'll send another idea.

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