Topic: Drying cane

Hello everyone,

Besides letting stalks of cane simply air dry over time, has anyone tried to speed up the drying/curing process?

I'm interested in hearing methods and/or results.  I currently let whole stalks dry for one year before cutting into individual culms, which are then placed in a wooden box to dry for another year before cutting into tube lengths.

Thanks for your responses.

Scott Pool

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Re: Drying cane

I have dried some cane with success in a dryer used specifically used for drying cane in a bio-fuels
project at Arkansas State University. I dried the cane for 4 days which I found out was a little too dry for the
individual tubes I used but worked out fine for some of the 4 foot stalks (longest that would fit in the dryer).
I had some wonderful results and great feedback from colleagues, students and they worked well on concerts
I have played. This cane was about nine months air-dried when I kiln dried it. I plan to stay with the air dried
method for the most of the cane as processing has left me with too mush waste so far to market this cane so
I'll be patient and see how the longer process works out. I may write and article at sometime but the years involved
getting a consistent project will move that into the future.

Dale Clark
Clark Bassoon Reeds