Topic: Sharp Pitches On Loree Oboes


I have two oboes with pitch issues and I will not be able to send them in for tune up for another month.
My hope is that someone may have recommendations for adjustments.  The oboes are as follows:

Loree AK- 1992- This oboe has proven to be a reliable beauty over the years.  Just recently the E natural at the top of the staff has become quite sharp.  I do travel with the instrument often, hopefully it is a loose adjustment.  Any ideas?

Loree Royal- 2007- This oboe is new to me and it has proven problematic in a couple ways.  The F at the top of the staff is very sharp.  Also, the top octaves sound thin in comparison on the robust bottom octave.  Could this be due to the make of the instrument?  The wood?  Are there anyways to compensate for this?

Any input is welcome.
Thank you,


Re: Sharp Pitches On Loree Oboes

To lower Middle-E: try first (obviously) lowering the pad of RH3, over the E-hole. Then lower the Bell-hole setting (make sure the bell-vent stays Closed, if there is no double link), or even reduce the Bell-hole undercutting with some temporary filler. Check that the 1st Octave opening is not too high (Middle -G?). Scrape longer, or thinner some 9 mm above the thread, if using an American reed.