Topic: Georgia St.(ATL) Oboe Day Aug 26. Several Openings in Masterclass

From oboist Lara Dahl at Georgia State
Hi oboists!

I still have a few openings for the oboe masterclass for our Double Reed Day on August 26th. Our guest oboist is Geralyn Giovannetti, oboe professor at Brigham Young University and oboist of the Sundance Trio (, and she is one of the most positive and musical people I know. I’m sure your students will love working with her.

If you could please pass on the info to your students, I’d really appreciate it. The registration deadline is Monday, August 14th. When they register online there is a box they check to be considered for the masterclass here:

Also, Brian Seaton will be at the event doing adjustments. It’s a great way for our oboists to get their oboes started off great for the school year!

Vendors are Oboe Chicago, The Ugly Duckling, Double or Nothing Reeds, and McFarland Double Reed Shop. There will be several used oboes available to try out if your students are looking.

Thank you for support, and hope to see you there!