Topic: Changing your email address on the IDRS website-and 'partner number'?

Hi everyone! I am incredibly new to the IDRS website and forum. I am happy to be here.
I have a question: I am trying to change the email address the IDRS has on file for me the last time I had
an active membership with the IDRS. Any ideas are welcome. I've tried to see how to do it on the
'edit account' page but the option is not there.

I'm sorry about these very basic questions! But here's another one-I'm trying to sign up for performance/clinic
in Grenada for IDRS 2018-and the page where one would submit a proposal is asking for my 'partner number'.
I have no idea what that means. There may be a membership number although I've never remembered what mine was.
Sorry for such basic questions but any help is really appreciated! Sincere thanks! Paul