Topic: Good Student Bassoons for sale

I have three bassoons that I have for sale, one is a Fox Model III (12,018) from around 1984.  It has a High D and E and a Right hand rotary lock and all new pads.  I also have a newer Renard 41 (32,100) with a high D and right hand standard lock.  Both horns have pro-tubes and are in very good shape.  The last horn is a Polisi bassoon(333) with lots of options, High D, E, Ab/Bb trill, low C#D# trill and low B mute.  It also has all new pads.  All three will sell in the $3500 range.  I"m in Tucson until the new year and the horns are at my home in Northville.

If interested please contact me after the new year!

Bob Williams