Topic: For Sale: Two of Jon Dlouhy's Oboes NH from 2000 and OW fr/2004

From Pat McFarland.....
Dear Fellow Double Reeders,
    I have here two oboes that belonged to my former colleague in the Atlanta Symphony. I assume these instruments were played in the symphony.
   They are NH 58, made in 2000 and OW 81 from 2004. They are $6,100 for the NH and $6,200 for the OW. A pic is below.
    They came in a very sturdy sturdy Double case with a black cover. The case is about 4” thick.         There is no separate case for the 2nd oboe. The purchaser of that oboe can provide a case or I can put it in a protective case that’s non Loree.
    You may contact me at: or 404-351-4500.
Thanks for your visit.