Topic: Three Coehlo "Herder-style" Reed Knives

I am looking to sell three "Herder-style" knives from Carlos Coelho. These knives were purchased about 6 years ago and have been used only occasionally.

All three knives have been recently sharpened with a Wicked Edge system and finished with 3.5 micron strops (equivalent to approx. 6500 grit). These knives are very, very sharp and scrape cane beautifully. I have found they are great for final touches on the tip.

The only reason I am selling them is because the thin blades do not sit very well in the Wicked Edge system and I prefer working with blades that have thicker, more squared off spines.

$100 for the three

I am selling these as a set only. Buyer pays USPS flat rate shipping. New, Carlos charges $50 each for these knives.