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Anybody find any good gouged Bassoon cane lately?  I've tried Bonazza, Rieger, Charles, Rigotti, Ghyss (sic), Danzi, Argendonax, Neuranter and some Australian cane I got from Bob Williams.  All have differing characteristics of gouge and hardness which give different results. I've made my best reeds from Bonazza (more concentrically gouged..produces darker reed easier) and Brian Charles' (eccentrically gouged, rather hard..produces brighter sounding reeds easily).  I'm open to trying anything you've had success with.  BTW I got a Rieger Tip profiler from Bob Williams about 6 months ago, and am starting to find great success in producing consistent reeds that resonate nicely and play well.

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I loved the Donati from ABC, but alas I might be out of luck on that from now on.  So that won't be of any help.  Most recently I also bought Charles although I haven't actually got working on any of those yet and probably won't for another year at the rate I'm going.  If you know anyone that has some of that it's worth checking out although it's probably impossible to find anymore until Tony comes back from wherever he is (still no word from him to anyone I assume).

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