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Dear Forum,

My website has just been redesigned and I've added a lot to the reedmaking page.  More articles, photos and movies of reed making.

I have also developed a new reamer -- very sharp, with a collar that allows you to ream accurately each time.  Designed by Ken Potsic. 

My site is dedicated to my students and should be helpful for other students and teachers.  I'd enjoy hearing from any of you who have questions or comments.

Happy Reedmaking!

Barrick Stees


Re: new site with reed making info

Hi Barry:

Excellent web site and information!  Thanks so much for it.  I will pass it along to all of my students.  Kent

Dr. Kent Moore
Principal Lecturer In Bassoon and Theory
Northern Arizona University

Re: new site with reed making info

Thank you for sharing your website.  It is a great source of information. 

I found the reedmaking section very interesting and look forward to incorporating some of your steps into my own reedmaking process.


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Re: new site with reed making info

It is an excellent site!  Incorporating the videos is a big plus!  Well done!

Bryan Cavitt
Bassoonist, Elkhart (IN) Municipal Band, Bassoon Dad


Re: new site with reed making info

Thank you! This is a superb resource. -Thom