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It is sometimes difficult to know who someone is with the username alone so it would be great if everyone filled in their real name and location in their profile.  A short signature could do the same thing too.  The avatar is fun and it is nice to see who we are.  Sometimes they are small though and difficult to see.  The new forum should be a lot of fun for everyone and a great place to meet the doublereed community.  Thanks Yoshi and the others who have worked hard to put it together.  It continues to get better and membership is growing fast.  Kent

Dr. Kent Moore
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Re: I would like to get to know everyone

I think this is a terrific idea. Many of us don't attend the conventions or make the Journal. The avatars put a face with the name and maybe a short bio could be provided. For example, my wife and I live in southern Maryland and are both life-long musicians. Sally is a violinist and violist and has a very active teaching practice as a Suzuki instructor. Needless to say we met many years ago playing music in the Washington D.C. area. I retired about a year ago from my long tenure as the Director of the Department of Aging for St. Marys County. I began my double reed playing as a high school oboist and studied with Florian Mueller of the Chicago Symphony. After I graduated from college I began playing the bassoon and studied with John Raitt, also of the Chicago Symphony. I did extensive professional playing in the Chicago area, but upon moving to Baltimore in the mid 1960's and later to Washington, confined my playing to non-professional orchestras. My wife and I were instrumental in formng southern Maryland's only performing community orchestra, which just celebrated it tenth season. I have a small bassoon reedmaking business that keeps me occupied while Sally teaches and also curtails the amount of time I spend wandering aimlessly around the county. I play a Wolf bassoon made of birds-eye maple with a special hand-rubbed finish. I must say it is the finest bassoon I have ever owned or played.

Okay...that should get things started. Hopefully I will be able to produce an avatar tomorrow; its too late to get into that tonight.

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Re: I would like to get to know everyone

I like the idea too. I'll provide a bio right here!

I live near Philadelphia and am a life-long musician myself, though my life isn't yet quite as long as the rest of you guys. That's why I rarely posted on the list because I felt my opinion might be looked down on as one from someone only seventeen years old.

I've played the oboe since I was nine. I started learning from various band teachers who did not know how to play the oboe, so my beginning education was rather shoddy. (My parents are both music teachers themselves.) In middle school I learned from a band teacher whose main instrument was bassoon, and then finally I started studying with Henry Grabb of West Chester University.

At that point, for some unfathomable reason, I actually made it into a youth orchestra, Chester County Youth Orchestra, which I was a member of for three years. I was the principal oboist for a year and then I also joined Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra. Keeping up both orchestras, high school, and working at a music store was too much so I dropped CCYO for PYAO. At this point I'm teetering between PYAO, auditioning for district orchestra, and getting ready to audition to (attempt to) get into Oberlin Conservatory.

I play two oboes, my faithful Yamaha 411 that I've had since I turned twelve, and a Lorée (serial number KV38) that I just bought used from my teacher a month ago. The Yamaha has an extremely sweet tone that I still adore, and the Lorée has a rich, deep tone that keeps me in front of the music stand until my lips are too tired to play anymore.

Now if only I stayed there with a metronome, hahaha..

Claire Binkley
Oboe/English Horn
West Chester University

Re: I would like to get to know everyone

Hi everyone,
Well at the request, here is my info. My name is Shawn Reynolds. I live in Pennsylvania, right near the PA/OH border. I teach public school in Liberty Twp, OH where I teach 5-12 band. In the evenings, I am the professor of oboe at Westminster College in the little town of New Wilmington, PA, where incidentally I went to high school

I have a music ed degree from Youngstown State University and a MM in oboe/English horn performance from the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (also known affecitonately as CCM or the Cincinnati Conservatory). I studied with Dr. Mark Ostoich and Dr. Ted Perkins. Also studied in my early years with Loyal "Bud" Mould. 

I think that covers it! :-)


Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)