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I'm wondering if this feature is working properly for everyone.
I have logged on and off successfully two days ago, marking all posts as read upon exiting as well. When I logged on today, I clicked on the <show new posts since last visit> which worked successfully with the colored blocks showing me all the new posts, but while I was busy reading the new threads in one section, I could have sworn that the new notification on other threads just went away mysteriously without me clicking on them.
When I went back to the index to check on other unread posts in other sections, they were not highlighted, even though they showed a "yesterday" posting date, and I had not read them or clicked on them at all. Is there something I miss?
Thanks for all your help!
-Anna Pennington
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Re: show new posts since last visit

Hi Anna:
I am guessing but it seems after a certain time after you visit, the "show new posts since last visit" resets itself.  I can go to other web sites and if I come back to this forum after just a minute or two the new posts are still indicated.  But if I stay away too long (10mins or more--a guesstimate) the new posts are gone.  I would have thought they wouldn't be reset though if you are still in the forum but maybe that is not the way it works.  You can still see the posts you missed by clicking on "show recent posts" at the bottom of the page.  Kent

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