Topic: Request for Emoticons for Doublereeders

Recently in the *NEW* Chat room, utilizing the features present, found a few graphics that were fun. As the medium of the internet still leaves many without the copious expressive capabilties as a double reed instrument allows us, (So spoiled!) I Would like to recommend emoticons that are designed specifially for the Group. If anyone has the time and skills, I believe that some of the text written will be enhanced along with helping to communicate with folks from an International base of users. MIght be helpful?
Sometimes, flat text is too just too sterile. :>


Re: Request for Emoticons for Doublereeders

Sounds like a good idea. I'll try and find the time to make some. Any ideas?

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Re: Request for Emoticons for Doublereeders

Haha, I like that idea. ^_^ I'm not a very good graphic artist though so I couldn't help out too much.

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