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Richard wrote:

There are add-on browser extensions available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox to add spell checking capability for text boxes and input boxes.

For IE:

for Firefox:

I have used both, and they work equally well.  For ieSpell, it is possible to include a spellcheck button in a web form to invoke the spell checking.


You must be using IE for the above example to work, for all other browsers, the spellcheck button is not shown.  If you are using IE and you don't have ieSpell installed, the button will be labeled "Get ieSpell" and when clicked, it will open a window where you can download ieSpell.   If you do have ieSpell, the button will be labeled "Check Spelling" and will spell check the text box when you click on it.

I don't think the same is possible for spellbound yet, at least I haven't been able to find anything about it yet.

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Re: Forum spell check

Safari also has spell check. It's at the bottom of the 'Edit' drop-down window.

You learn something every day- thanks, Richard! (& Yoshi)

Paul Barrett
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Re: Forum spell check

This is GREAT! I'm a fair speller and a terrible typist! Thanks!!!

Mike Millard
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Another idea, (one I really like) is to compose your reply in a word processor and use the spell checking there. For me it is a more familiar environment. But most importantly it forces me to more carefully consider my reply! I seem to be more deliberate when I need to paste the replies. 

Just a thought. Terry

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Re: Forum spell check

This is one of my favorite pieces of software.  It is expensive but it corrects spelling errors on the fly so you type really fast.  Kent

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