Yoshi -

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the new Forum format(s)! After fighting the change (what else is new - try to teach an old dog...?!), I'm quite excited about all the ins and outs of this new format, and indeed will not be missing any of the "old" list, since it's very easy to see ALL recent daily posts - something I had been concerned about.  If others on the list do not take advantage of this very user-friendly forum, it's really their loss.  Alles Gute - Jim

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Yes!  Thank you Yoshi for all that you have put into this.  Another good thing about the forum is that you don't have to worry about clogging everyone's mail box.  I know it is not difficult to delete the messages but here it will be much easier to ignore topics that are of no interest and I think people are much more likely to post.  Kent

Dr. Kent Moore
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I have used the Forum since its earliest days but more or less abandoned it in recent months because very few of our members were using it. However, it is a much better means of communicating with each other than the list for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ability to select and read those topics of immediate interest and concern. Additionally, it has many more features that make it more entertaining and personable than the list. I don't know what gave impetus to the switch to the Forum but after an initial feeling of loss over the list, I find this a much better way to go. So...let me add my thanks to Yoshi and the others who have made the Forum what it is and who, I am sure, will continue to improve it. Well done!

Gene Carter, Owner
Linden Reeds


I am VERY glad to read these positive comments here. I am getting quite tired of the complaining by those who haven't even tried out the forum!

I agree that the forum is much more personable! The other topics section seems to be really taking off - especially the "Other hobbies" thread. It is as though people have always wanted to say something personal, sort of introduce who they really are to the rest of the IDRS world, not just as an oboist or bassoonist. The avatars help too! I also find that I am a little less afraid to respond to something or ask a question because I know its not going to shoot off into thousands of email inboxes, but rather that people can read it if they want to. It is a little less formal in that way.

I also think this is a very important thing for all of the younger double reed players that are still students and not as experienced, but still can voice their opinion. Same goes for newer members. That is how I feel anyways, being a college student.

I am really enjoying the format of the forum!

Thank you!!!