Topic: what did i do wrong?

ok i made my first reed, but the reed is a bid strange.

1st the opening is very big compared to store bought reeds and it need some squeezing when played to make sound.

it also has a a little bid of a buzzy sound, as if the reed is vibrating too much

and lastly, the reed goes sharp on the notes above high A or the 3rd octave key, but it is in tune everywhere else and maybe even a little flat under the low C

any help would be appreciated.


Re: what did i do wrong?

From what you write...

I suspect that the reed needs wiring to tame it a little and then gently I don't know the length of your finished reed I can only speculate as to why the pitch is sharp at the top and slightly flat at the bottom...Seeing as the reed is very open it is likely that you are lipping up dramatically to get the reed to close and in so doing pinching the reed which in turn and added to the diaprhagm support this is making you sharp..

In reverse when you are playing your lower notes you are relaxing the embouchre and the reeds true pitch is revealing itself...the wire will help create more balance overall so soak the reed and gently wire it is my first thought...allow the reed to settle over night...24 hours is a long time in politics but in reed making it can mean all the difference in the world...

As for the buzzing well the is the reed completely sealed is it airtight? if not that may be part of the could also try taking just a little more out of the back of the reed but go gently and keep trying it as you go...also the tip maybe a little long, take the tiniest amount from the tip, this should make the reed a little more resistant but having removed some more from the back of the reed lower down it should be easier to play. Shortening it of course will alter the pitch but you will take that into consideration when you tie on your next one...believe me you will tie on hundreds and each one will be slightly different...

I will add that if this is your first reed, well done it's not the easiest thing to do and reeds will vary every time...I am still very much in a learning curve but these problems have faced me and I am simply telling you what I was told and did in an attempt to correct things...Also consider that your gouge will have an effect as in what thickness you are using, each piece of cane will vary...I thought I had a winner the other day...but Au Contraire it was a disastrous piece of cane and no amount of fiddling and tweaking would turn it into anything else so it was binned.

I hope the above helps there are probably many other reasons which the more experieced here will be able to add...

Good luck and happy scaping...




Re: what did i do wrong?

"ok i made my first reed, but the reed is a bid strange....."

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF REED MAKING!  And congratulations on getting a reed that plays a little!  You have just entered the "black hole" in the double reed world.  LOL

The big opening you have is probably not your fault at all.  It is probably because the diameter of the bamboo tube cane itself was not a good size. Check out some reed making books.  I know David Weber has a very popular one. Google in Weber Reeds.  It's great that you already realize the importance of using a tuner.

Keep this reed as a souvenier.  You will enjoy having it down the road.  Remember that reeds are like snowflakes.  No two are exactly alike! 

"MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, Dear!"  And remember -   [+ don't be too hard on yourself +].  Making great reeds takes years of practice even with the BEST cane and the BEST atmospheric conditions!

smile  Marsha  smile


Re: what did i do wrong?

Well put Marsha....ain't that the truth...Amen to that...the wonderful world of reed making


Re: what did i do wrong?

clip it then thin the edges of the tip