Topic: too much resistance?

i think i got lucky and made a pretty good 2nd reed, it's got great tone, it's perfectly in tune, and can hit the low Bb with ease, however there is one problem... it's got a little higher resistance then what i'm used to.

My question is: is there any way that i can reduce the resistance of the reed without effecting the tone much.


Re: too much resistance?

Hi there,

One thing you can try is to lightly scrape the transition between the tip and the heart. Make it a bit smoother, but do it little by little. Make sure to clip the reed back up to pitch if it drops. If this isn't engough, you can try and lightly scrape the entire reed a bit, and I do mean a bit. The slightest amount too much will probably trash the reed so be careful.

Good luck,


Joseph Shalita
Principal Oboe State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra