Topic: Summer Jobs for College Oboists and Bassoonists!

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is seeking strong college level bassoon and oboe students to serve as counselors for the summer, and openings are still available.  Staff positions at Blue Lake give college students great experience as a mentor and leader with Jr High and High School age students.  Staff members also have a wide range of performance opportunities as a part of their work assignments.  Opportunities to teach sectional classes to our younger students are available for more advanced applicants.  The date commitment runs from June 16th-August 17th and salaries range from $1,350-$2,250 (plus room and board) based on experience. We could really use your recommendations!

Below, please find basic information about our staff positions. Specific information and application materials are also available on our website here: Also, please feel free to contact us directly at  Thank you for your support!

Summer Jobs for College Musicians 

180 staff positions are available for college musicians with interest and aptitude in working with young people.  Spend your summer making a difference! 

Staff Opportunities Include:

...performing with the Festival Orchestra and/or Festival Band, recitals, staff solo competition, chamber ensembles, private lessons with faculty, teaching sectionals & technique classes with junior campers, and gaining valuable experience in leadership and working with youth.

Dates, Salary, and Duties:

... June 16 - August 17, salary $1,350 up to $2,250 (based on experience) plus room, board, and extensive performing & educational opportunities. Staff duties include living with and supervising 10 - 12 campers, assisting with recreational and social activities, work 15 - 20 hours a week at a specific assignment (performing ensembles for musicians), and consistently acting on campers' needs.             

A Summer Full of Experience!

Instrumentalists have the opportunity to perform with faculty in the Blue Lake Festival Orchestra and/or Festival Band, and chamber ensembles as part of their work assignment.  A staff solo competition offers performers an opportunity to solo with the Festival Orchestra as part of Blue Lake's Season Finale.  Teaching positions with junior campers are also available for those who qualify.  Placement based on audition/application. 

Staff Application Procedure:

Interested applicants can obtain more information at our web site: or by calling 800-221-3796. General questions can also be addressed at  Applicants must be 18+ and have completed at least one year of college. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is an equal opportunity employer.


Re: Summer Jobs for College Oboists and Bassoonists!

I'll be the faculty bassoon instructor for Sessions 2 and 3 - it's a real pleasure to work with college-age counselors in Festival Orchestra/Concert Band (and in private lessons, when desired). Blue Lake is a unique place and a lot of fun. I know we're doing Beethoven's 9th for Second Session, with a guest conductor from (I think) Mainz, Germany. Hope college-age bassoonists/oboists will consider these counseling positions. Alles Gute - Jim

James Jeter, D.M.A., NYC Bassoonist
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