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Currently I am teaching a 13yr old male (in his 4th year) and have hit a wall for catchy pieces to appeal (Weissenborn is proving about as popular as cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower). Previous successes have included Gordon Jacob's 4 Pieces, Funeral March of a Marionette, & A la Russe. Does anyone know of up-beat, quirky pieces preferably for bassoon with piano accompaniment? I think the Schott-published Scott Joplin Album may be too advanced. May be able to adapt flute/clarinet "pop" albums which are more readily available. Any ideas?


Neville Forsythe
Christchurch New Zealand
Bassoonist / Teacher / Conductor

Re: Repertoire


I just Googled "Bassoon Pop Music" and found several things.  Disney stuff, movie themes, Star Wars, etc.  Some of the selections have CD accompaniment.  You'll probably find something fun here.  Also, what about the "Music Minus One" series?  There's things with piano accompaniment and also some quintets.  - Marsha smile