Topic: Bibliography for "X-Ray" Study of Vibrato on Double Reeds

Here are a few items of interest discussing vibrato on double reed instruments. Many of them are studies employing cinefluorgraphy or videoflurography. In other words they use "x-ray motion pictures:"

Brown, Andrew F. David. A Comprehensive Performance Project in Oboe Literature with a Cinefluorographic Pilot Study of the Throat While Vibrato Tones Are Played On Flute and Oboe. DMA, The University of Iowa, 1973.

Carr, Walter Edward, Jr. “A Videofluorographic Investigation of Tongue and Throat Positions in Playing Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone.” D. M. A. diss., University of Southern California, 1978.

Gossett, Claude W., Jr. “A Spectrographic and Electromyographic Investigation of the Relationship of the Effects of Selected Parameters Upon Concurrent Study of Voice and Oboe.” Ph. D. diss., University of Southern Mississippi, 1977.

Kahane, J. C.;  Beckford, N. S.; Chorna,  L. B.; Teachey, J. C.; and McClelland, D. K. “Videofluoroscopic and Laryngoscopic Evaluation of the Upper Airway and Larynx of Professional Bassoon Players.” Journal of Voice 20/2 (2006): 297-307. Also can be accessed at

Pool, Scott. "Observations of the Larynx During Vibrato Production Among Professional Bassoonists as Indicated in Experiments Utilizing Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy" UMI Number:  3158141, Copyright 2004
ISBN:         0-496-90694-1

Weait, Christopher and Shea, J. “Vibrato: An Audio-Video-Fluorographic Investigation of a Bassoonist.” Applied Radiology (January/February 1977).


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Re: Bibliography for "X-Ray" Study of Vibrato on Double Reeds

Terry, thanks for posting this bibliography. Supplemental to the list, I suggest the landmark work by former IDRS President Charles Veazey. He and woodwind colleagues at the University of North Texas were the first to use a Fiberoptic Laryngoscope to confirm that vibrato is not produced in the diaphragm.

Charles O. Veazey, “Observations of Laryngeal
Activity of Woodwind Instruments During Performance
Using a Fiberoptic Laryngoscope,” Flutist Quarterly 13
(Spring, 1988).

For further reading on vibrato production see my article "Woodwind Vibrato from the Eighteenth Century to the Present" reprinted in the Double Reed Vol. 18:3 (1995).

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Re: Bibliography for "X-Ray" Study of Vibrato on Double Reeds

Thank you Terry for the bibliography. Here is a link to a very interesting study on vibrato. The site contains recordings of vibrato used by well-known musicians at 300% slower speed!

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