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I read an article in a recent double reed about the use of "prolotherapy" in treatment of tendonitis.  Can anyone shed more light on the subject?  The article was very brief and kind of vague.

I'd be interested to hear other opinions on the viability of the therapy, both how successful it is and how expensive it is (as a side note, if insurance ever covers the procudure).

Has anyone here tried it?  What have been the benifits/side effects?

Also, if anyone knows somewhere near the Chicago area that performs the procedure I'd be interested to know.


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Re: Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an alternative treatment for many types of chronic pain that may be related to tendons, ligaments, and their attachments. Although it is recognized and practiced by some physicians (MDs and DOs), it is not a mainstream therapy used by orthopaedists or rheumatologists. That said, perhaps you should google <prolotherapy> and check for yourself to see if your own medical condition might be amenable to these treatments. I have had no experience with it personally during my practice years.

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Re: Prolotherapy

As far as I know rolotherapy alone is ineffective in treating chronic low back pain. Really great discussion through that I know many thing that I ever heard before here and I relly like it .In future hope from your side posting more stuff here if you have .

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