Topic: Oboe d'amore bocal recommendations

Not certain which catagory to post this question, so I'll give it a go here!

I have purchased a Bulgheroni oboe d'amore recently, and find that the pitch of this instrument, even with a longer (#2) crook, the pitch is considerably sharper than A440, and that the middle register tends to be a bit dull, and that the upper register is a bit unstable.

Are there any recommendations on a bocal that might help correct these situations on the d'amore?  I use a Dallas bocal on my Fosati EH, and am quite happy with the results, and I am tempted to try the Dallas d'amore bocal.  But, since we're all here, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any recommendations/experiences with this instrument or bocals for d'amore in general that they could share.


Candi Morris
Oboe/EH/Oboe d'amore
Dayton, OH


Re: Oboe d'amore bocal recommendations

When I tried a Bulgheroni d'amore I got the best results with a Laubin #2 bocal.  I tried a Dallas bocal which did not particularly enhance the Bulgheroni but did give a centered sound.  I had better results with a Mark Chudnow #2 bocal and with an old Glover bocal.  When they become available I will look forward to trying the Tom Hiniker d'amore bocal.