Topic: Fifteenth Annual NORTWEST OBOE SEMINAR, Portland OR, August 16th

The 15th Annual NORTHWEST OBOE SEMINAR, Victoria Racz, Director, is now
accepting applications for admittance until July 31.

The Seminar will be held Saturday, August 16 at All Saints' Episcopal
Church, Portland. Designed for intermediate through advanced oboists, this
annual Seminar is devoted to all aspects of oboe performance with a
different emphasis each year.

This year's focus will be "English Horn EXTRAVAGANZA with Carolyn Hove", LA
Philharmonic's solo EH player!

The schedule also includes a solo master class, ensemble playing, dinner and
an evening concert featuring all Seminar participants. Oboe, reedmaking and
general music supplies will be available for sale courtesy of our Seminar
sponsors:  Mark Chudnow Woodwinds and RDG Woodwinds, Inc.

The fee for this one-day seminar is $75 and includes T-shirt, minor
instrument repairs, dinner and accompanist. Applications can be obtained by
calling Seminar Director, Victoria Racz, at 1-888-627-8788 or via e-mail at
info(at) Participation is by application only and