Topic: More idiocy regarding British airline rules...

Thought doublereeders would be interested in the latest on traveling to and from Britain:

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Re: More idiocy regarding British airline rules...

Interestingly enough, it is not just the averted bombings that are responsible for the problems with some airlines and instruments.

Before this whole problem started, I, along with a few other musicians, flew British Airways (BA) on a long international flight to play in an orchestra. On the return flight, we were fine with our instrument cases past all the security and baggage checks, until we reched the final flight attendant after we had passed through the gate. All of a sudden, they wouldn't allow the musicians carrying a bass clarinet, a violin, or a trombone take their instruments on the aircraft because they thought they were too large. Yet, on the way there, the same musicians brought their instruments on board with no problem. I was further appaled when I saw there was a large 'room' for crew baggage that was larger than the bathrooms with shelves that were completely empty and could have fit the instruments without any problems.

BA has changed their onboard luggage requirements and many instruments will no loger be able to be brought on board. It turns out that in between our flight to our destination and our return flight they had changed their carry-on baggage requirements and many carry-ons, including instruments would not be allowed on board. BA did nothing to let us know about this before we made our journey.

Since I only had a small oboe case, there wasn't a problem. But, if I had played bassoon, who knows... I would recommend all instrumentalists to not use British Airways unless it's necessary. If you must use BA and who want to carry their instrument on board, make sure you check with them before you fly to see if your case is too large.

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Re: More idiocy regarding British airline rules...

Thanks for posting this James. I hope rules are relaxed soon. And BA's treatment of musicians is appalling!