Topic: Kroner contras

I’m working on a proposal to get money for a contrabassoon.  The award is only for $7500 so I have to look at the real budget line of contras.  It’s not going to get me a great instrument, but something is better than nothing for a graduate student with plenty of student loan payments coming in the next few years.

Anyway, I’m looking at Adler contras right now, but Custom Music also has Kroner contra model 550 and 550A.  I talked with a representative from Custom Music and he was helpful, but I still have some questions.

I think he tried to tell me that the 550 was about $7000.  Does this sound accurate to everyone?  How good of an instrument is the Kroner compared to the Adler?  Do I understand correctly that the 550-A has C and A bells and is made by Adler?  That seems odd, but it could be right.  How much does this instrument sell for?

Thanks for any help folks can offer.


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