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Dear IDRS forum,

Jackie Leclair piping up-- 

I'm here in New York City, and I have been helpling Ronald Roseman's widow, Okkyu Roseman, go through all of Mr. Roseman's musical documents and recordings (a few hours here and there whenever I can over a couple of months).  We have organized his music, his own compositions, books, reviews of his concerts, programs from his concerts, and articles about him and his ensembles such as the New York Wind Quintet, An Die Musick, Bach Aria Festival etc...all dating back to the 1950s.  It's an incredible collection of oboe and musical memorabilia!  Mr. Roseman had a wonderful, impressive career that included many performances of all the standard chamber repertoire, many appearances as concerto soloist, countless recitals, much new music (both as composer, conductor and avid performer), a stint as co-principal oboist of the NY Philharmonic, and on and on. 

Presently, Mrs. Roseman and I are categorizing the cassette tapes and reel to reel tapes.  The challenge facing us is essentially two-fold:  to decide which recordings are worth saving and transferring to CD (and making sure they tapes are in good enough shape to do so), and then actually having the recordings converted to CD.

I thought I would ask the IDRS for advice on this topic since the recordings represented are really a treasury of oboe performances.

To give you some idea of the project's scale, there are about 60 cassettes and about 20 reel-to-reels.  Just a portion of those would ultimately be selected to putting onto CD, and that's only if the quality is not too degraded from age.

If anyone can chime in with information on how to approach such a project, I would appreciate it.

As someone who was lucky enough to such with Mr. Roseman, I have been happy to help Mrs. Roseman in putting his musical things in order.  But there is a limit to what I can do.  I would like to get information for Mrs. Roseman, though, so these recordings that she treasures so dearly can efficaciously be transferred to CDs where they will be preserved safely.

Perhaps there is the possibility of making the most notable recordings, like the live concerto performances by Mr. Roseman, availble online to IDRS members.  Just an idea--

Thanks for all advice--

Best wishes,

Jackie Leclair


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Dear Jackie,

This is a terrific idea.  I am also a former student of Ronald Roseman's and think it would be wonderful to have some of his performances more easily available.  There are few oboists that have had such a multi-faceted career. 

My father-in-law, Robert Nagel, is the founder of the New York Brass Quintet and had a long career in New York City as a top freelance trumpet player in the 1950s and 60s.  He is currently involved in a similar project to what you describe.  He has lots of previously unreleased recordings of the New York Brass Quintet and of his solo playing.  He has been going through these recordings (mostly reel to reel) and having some transferred to CD.  The International Trumpet Guild is sponsoring the release of a CD of Mr. Nagel's solo performances to its members.  I'm sure he would be happy to give you some advice and explain how his project has worked.  If you contact me privately, I'd be happy to get you his contact information.

This sounds like a worthwhile project for the IDRS to get involved with in some way.  Good luck!

Best wishes,
Rebecca Nagel

Rebecca S. Nagel
Principal oboe, South Carolina Philharmonic
Professor of oboe, University of South Carolina

Re: archive of Ronald Roseman recordings

My oboe teacher recommended that I try to find some of Roseman's recordings.  I've searched the second hand market for them with no success.  From all accounts his oboe playing was wonderful and should not be lost on future students. I hope your project gets off the ground; there is certainly a need for it.  Steve Robles


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Hi Jackie,
I worked at the UCLA Music Special Collections, and we did transfers like you're thinking of rather often (with reel-to-reel, don't know about cassettes).  I had to email my old boss to see how it was done... its not much, but here is what he said:

"I used a TASCAM reel to reel. She should invest in a good soundcard (M-Audio makes some good ones that are inexpensive - I personally use the M-Audio 24/96 model). A good software program like Steinberg's Wavelab is pricey but essential - it will allow her to record and burn to CD - it runs retail around 500.00 bucks."

Perhaps there is a service somewhere that does this, so that the equipment wouldn't have to be purchased.

Hope that helps.

Kendra Johnson


Re: archive of Ronald Roseman recordings


Harvey Fleet does this type of transferring as his "new job" now that he is retired.  He is a member of the IDRS as is his wife Mary Ann.  I don't have his e-mail address at hand, but they live in the Denver area.  I'm sure he could help you know how to proceed with this most worthwhile project.

Evelyn McCarty