Topic: the Barrett Method and scale exercises

I am wondering how people go about practicing the diatonic scale and chromatic scale exercises in the Barrett Method.  I think they are very helpful to me, but if you practice them in all the permutations and in every key, which is what's recommended, it would literally take hours, not mention driving everybody in your house insane.

Is there a good way anyone has come up with to divvy up the load?  Does anyone else think these are worthwhile for basic technique?




Re: the Barrett Method and scale exercises

I've always figured that the repeats in all the different scales are meant to be assigned separately over a long period of time, so that a student is doing something essentially the same every practice, which is good reinforcement, but a little bit different, so it keeps some interest.

What I would do is just pick one every practice session to focus on. If you think it could need more work, come back to it, otherwise move on.

Edit: Oh, and I also think there's quite a bit of merit in playing them. It's great for warm up, and keeps the mind and fingers in shape.

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