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Hello all -

Does anyone have any info, personal experience, with air travel with your oboes lately? I'm doing a lot of flying this year and want to know what to expect.

Lani Spahr


Re: Latest on Air Travel

I have been traveling with my Bassoon, larger than an oboe, and have had no trouble with Northwest and its affiliates and United and Skywest.  The Screeners at Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Montrose CO gateway to Telluride etc, and Reagan seem to understand instruments especially if you tell them before they see it what to expect.  If it fits in the over-head compartment, as my Bassoon does in its KW bag, on the above airlines, things seem to go okay.  Be as polite as possible.  You will definitely not be able to take any tools with you, so you will have to pack those in your baggage with your stand.(My stand was turned down once) i would suggest that you have an alternate set of tools that are your second best, just  in case.  Also, Putting a label on your case, :this side up helps, then they will know how to set it to open.  One screener almost dumped my entire kit out because he had the casse upside down.  Good Luck