Topic: Do you want to be a star?

Im too old for this gig but someone on the Forum is just right, I'm sure.
My orchestra got a call from a movie production company that is working on a PBS documentary.  They are looking for a young (white, male, college-or-so age) BAROQUE oboe player that they can hire for a nominal fee to film playing in the documentary.  They don't have the money to fly someone in who isn't already here - the fiming will be in Sonoma in early October, so we're trying to put them on the path to someone somewhat in the area who fits the profile they need.  Doesn't need to be the best player, as they are willing to use pre-recorded music if that's easier, but they want someone who is comfortable with the instrument - and they need the oboist to bring his own instrument.

If any of you have students whom we could pass on as contacts, please let me know.

PBS documentary on WIlliam Herschel, 18th-century astronomer who was also an oboe player.
Need Baroque oboe & player who will appear as Herschel in one or two scenes.
If necessary, music can be prerecorded and spliced in, though live playing would be nice.
Most important is that the person look plausible as a 20-or-so year old Herschel and know what they are doing and look good at it with the Baroque oboe.

Filiming in Sonoma in early October
Nominal fee

Thanks very much,


Re: Do you want to be a star?

Hi Gonzalo -

Remember me from BPI?  I'm still working on baroque oboe, though unfortunately by myself in my living room the majority of the time.  I'm playing in a couple chamber groups at school this semester, and am very excited about that.  One is a Philidor suite with violin and the other a Telemann trio sonata. 

What a fun job opportunity you posted!  If only I were a guy and lived in California...Ha ha.  Hope you're doing well, take care.

~Claire Williamson