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Hello dear collegians. Any helpful hints from you how to produce "portato" on oboe? I mean, some easy and reliable way to simulate that flickering type of articulation the string players can do? For the reference what i mean:
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Oboe vs cello

Depends on context for me a lot of the time.  (bassoon)  If you're doing it with a lot of other wind players it's more important that you all match length and style, regardless of how close to a string sound you're going to get.  A conductor might also want you to play the "dots under a slur" articulation pretty detached depending on the piece.

To get that pulsing sound I like to focus on a very long and legato articulation with a slight breath accent.  My experience with other wind players indicate this is fairly tricky on the oboe compared to the bassoon or especially clarinet, but it can be done.

Sorry, that's not a very good technical answer...

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