Topic: Graf Gouger blades

A friend and I are currently looking for Graf Gouging Machine Blades.  Does anyone know where we can get them?

Thanks so much


Re: Graf Gouger blades

Hi Jim,

Rob Turner of RMT Originals makes gouging machines and blades like the Graf and could make a blade for you.  Be sure to specify the type of vertical screw slot your gouger requires at the top of the blade.  They are different.

If he is not available,  I could crank one out for you.  Keep in mind that in either case, the blade guide and blade need to match in order to make the blade cut efficiently.  Otherwise, the blade will either rip the cane out of the bed or not cut evenly around the guide.  You'll need to be prepared to change the curve of the blade to make it work correctly for your gouger.  If this is beyond your skill or courage, I recommend David Weber of Weber Reeds to do this work for you.  Be prepared to be put on a waiting list, however.  Plus, he requires that your gouger be first prepared by Rob Turner so that all surfaces are flat, parallel and true.

I'm curious: What happened to your existing blade?

You can email me for further details if you're interested in my blade to


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