Topic: A potential travel problem--the oboists' SCREWDRIVER!

Here's a heads up for travelling oboists.  While bringing a new Lorée anniversary oboe home from Paris, I was held up by the French security agent at the airport.  He told me that the screwdriver is a sharp weapon and that I could not bring it on the airplane and would have to mail it home.  I gave him a hurt look and showed how it comes apart and how tiny and gracile it is and then I replaced the medium tip with the Phillip's.  He finally looked at my old lined face and said, well, you don't look like a terrorist and then he let me on.  I thanked him for using his head.  The next security agent did not even see the screwdriver.

Next time I take an oboe on a plane, the screwdriver will be in my checked bags along with the reed knife and the rolling papers.

The Loree 125 Ans oboe, BTW, is superb.

Robert Howe


Re: A potential travel problem--the oboists' SCREWDRIVER!

the same thing happened to me in Santa Fe, except mine had slipped into the bottom of my bag six months prior and I had no idea it was there.  They made me completely empty the bag (and my oboe case, where I showed them where the screwdriver was supposed to be).  Then they debated about 10 minutes as to whether they should give it back or not.  I hope it wasn't because my face was old and lined!  haha.