Topic: Looking for a particular sounding multiphonic fingering

I am working on a piece right now that has a musical use for multiphonics.  The piece is quite modal/tonal so the multiphonics that would work have to sound somewhat consonant within that context.  The spot in question begs for a fingering that has a dominating low F sound.  In the same passage I use this fingering that produces a growly low A type sound:

x x x | o x x F

This produces a pretty consonant sound with a fundamental being a low A.

What I'm search of is a multiphonic with a simmilar sonority but with a strong fundamental F to compliment it in the same passage.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  It's a little daunting going through the fingering chart online because it's organized by the related standard fingering, which doesn't always reflect the resulting sonority.  I no longer have access to the Penazzi, which is organized by sound type, if I remember right.  Maybe someone with current access to that book could take a look?  I'm hoping someone just happens to know of a fingering that might work.

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Re: Looking for a particular sounding multiphonic fingering

I've found low F to be one of the more difficult pitches to bring out in a multiphonic.  You might try fingering low Eb, omitting the Low E key and tightening the embouchure,  Or finger Low E, while adding left thumb c# and a and loosening the embouchure.  Happy Bassooning!