Topic: Masi bassoons

Has anyone tried a bassoon made by MASI of Italy? Any opinion / impression?

Jon Halvor Lund
bassoon - contrabassoon
Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra

Re: Masi bassoons

Hi Jon!  Masi was at the IDRS Conference 2002 in Banff, Canada.
I haven't tried his bassoons myself, but I've been told that they are copied on Heckel and that he doesn't make a lot of bassoons...
Are they good? I don't know.
One can be good and another not so good.
Sorry that I cannot help you more...

Michel Bettez   Canada


Re: Masi bassoons

I have owned one for five years and have been very happy with it.  Plus, it is the most well made and beautiful instrument I have ever owned. Masi and I became friends but I am afraid I have lost contact with him and am not certain he is still making instruments. I do understand he moved out of his wonderful workshop in the Tuscan hills and back to Florence. I can provide whatever information I have if you would like.

Jim Schaeffer
Executive Director
Long Leaf Opera