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I have not always been an oboist (my first two degrees were saxophone/clarinet) but after doing my master's in multiple woodwinds I have really grown to love oboe.  I took two years of reed lessons and I have made plenty of reeds but now that I am on my own (no oboe teacher currently) I really do not have anyone to 'check in' with. 

I know there are a ton of books out there and so many different theories on oboe reed making.  Since I make my living teaching private lessons I have a lot of time now to experiment with different styles/methods without feeling pressured by recitals/auditions just yet.  I'm not affraid to go out on a limb.

Does anyone have some favorite suggestions of books/videos I could check in with?  Any experiences with changing shapes (for better or for worse?).

I typically use BrannenX or Gilbert -1.  For a while I was using the mack-pfieffer as well but I have run out of my cane of this shape. 

Most of the reeds I make are fairly stable intonation with a tolerable (if not great) sound.  My biggest complaint is the tips tend to be too closed and I often feel my reeds are too hard (i had a big problem in my master's with all of my tips being incredibly short).  Often times even when the reeds aren't "hard" they feel "stuffy." 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  My students love the reeds I make for them which always makes me feel better.  I just would love to make a reed I love myself!

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Re: Rusty Reed Making could use some suggestions

I'd say Mr. Brodersen's "2 cents" is worth at least a buck fifty!  You may also want to check out the reed making video produced by David Weber (  But by all means -- get thee to a good teacher!

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Re: Rusty Reed Making could use some suggestions

Well thanks to both Christopher and Jonathon for responding smile

I had a great teacher in north carolina (M. Ashley Barret at UNCG) and she always got my reeds sound recital quality.  The reeds I make have a nice sound...but they just lack some of the depth and flexibility i'd like. 

I'm hoping to continue with reed lessons (and of course oboe lessons) but for now my teaching schedule is so full I'm having difficulty coordinating anything between performances.  I'm hoping that reading up some materials might give me some new ideas to play around with. 

By no means am I done with reed lessons though...I just do not see the means to get them for a while.

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