Topic: crow of E Horn reed?

Had a college student ask me what pitch should E Horn reeds crow?  I don't know, thought someone here could probably supply that answer.


Frank Watson, Bassoon
Greenville (SC) Symphony Orchestra


Re: crow of E Horn reed?

Hi Frank:

I am not an oboist but I was interested and found this.  "English horn reeds should crow a “C.” Even C-sharp is acceptable. English horn reeds are the opposite of oboe reeds in this regard: oboe reeds with a crow higher than “C” almost never work, while English horn reeds with a crow lower than “C” rarely play."  Martin Schuring

I found another source also that said to aim for C# but I don't know who said this.

Dr. Kent Moore
Principal Lecturer In Bassoon and Theory
Northern Arizona University

Re: crow of E Horn reed?

I would amend my statement above to say that English horn reeds should crow a C-sharp. At least, that's what mine do almost always. But, there are plenty of good players who aim for a C crow and sound excellent. So, we can agree on C or C-sharp, whichever allows good pitch and easy playing for the musician in question.

If anyone is making d'amore reeds, those should crow higher: D or even D-sharp is not too high.

Martin Schuring
Professor of Oboe, Arizona State University
President, IDRS