Topic: Oboists on MySpace?

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any?



Re: Oboists on MySpace?

I've run into plenty of bassoonists.  I'm sure there are plenty there.  Aren't there search options on Myspace that let you find people by "common interest"?

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Re: Oboists on MySpace?

I just did a quick search on the myspace page and came up with this.

One little story: I blogged a while ago about an oboist who had a myspace page. He wrote about how much he enjoyed getting drunk and that he "drank like a sailor". Because of all he'd written, and the drinking problems at his high school, his local paper contacted him and wrote him up in the paper. According to the oboist it was all a joke page, but the paper wasn't clear about that, and I still wonder what the truth was. The oboist found my blog and asked me to remove the entry. I removed his name (which I hadn't intended to put up anyway but appeared from one of the newspaper quotes I pasted in), as I only like to name names when they are in a positive light, but I wasn't about to remove the post itself. Anyone who has a myspace page should know that colleges are known now to look up names! As are employers.

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