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I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on Friday the 13th (date irrelevant, perhaps.) My question is how long it will take until I can play the bassoon again? Has anyone been in the same situation or know of someone who has? I'm a high school student and a whole bunch of auditions are coming up this month.


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No personal experience talking, but I do know that if you try to play too soon after you've had an extraction you raise your risk of dry sockets, which are NO FUN according to anyone (including my wife) that has had them.  Give yourself the time to heal.  Your dentist should be able to give you good advice.  Make sure he knows what kind of pressure is required of playing the bassoon for him to give you a good judgment.

Golden rule of all music related health problems: when in doubt, lay this one (practice session) out.

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Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Yes as Trent says I would talk to your dentist and get recommendations.  I have had several students go through it and recovery time varies greatly depending on results and if there are complications.

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