Topic: Reed clinic -- Grand Junction, Colorado

On Saturday afternoon, September 9, from 1:00 to 5:00, Harvey Fleet of the Lakewood Symphony (Lakewood, Colorado) and Ken Heitt of the Grand Junction Symphony will give a clinic on the making and scraping of bassoon reeds.  The clinic will be held in the band room of Mesa State College, 1100 North Avenue (12th and North Avenue) in Grand Junction, Colorado.  It is free and open to the public -- including non-bassoonists (such as parents!!).

We will discuss and demonstrate all aspects of reed-making, from sources of cane and tools, tool sharpening, and purchase of pre-milled pieces of cane (gouged, shaped, profiled), to tube selection, tube splitting, gouging, shaping, profiling, beveling, scoring, and forming, wiring, lacquering, and wrapping the blank.  We will demonstrate the use of a pre-gouger, the final gouger, straight and fold-over shapers, a blade profiler, and a reed-tip profiler, a machine for profiling the tip of the finished reed blank (prior to final hand scraping).  We will also cover sources of commercial, finished reeds.

In the hands-on section of the clinic participants will form and wire the tube and reed blank from gouged, shaped, and profiled pieces of cane.   Participants will also have the opportunity to wrap and lacquer dry pre-formed blanks, and then to ream, carve, and play-test reed blanks that they carve themselves.

Participants should bring their reed- making and reed-carving tools and their instruments.

The clinic is designed for all levels of bassoonists -- from beginning students to experienced reed makers and players.  Beginning reed makers will find it interesting and educational to see how reeds are made.  We particularly invite skilled reed makers to join us and contribute their experience and knowledge.

It is important that you make a reservation, so that we don't overbook the session!  (If you just show up, we may not have room for you!)   To reserve your slot, email or  If you make a reservation, please do your best to attend!