Topic: Fundraising in Early Music

Dear Bachies,

I am delighted that Gonzalo has joined the Forum...delicious sound and brilliant mind!  (ahem) As Vice President for Development with the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, *I* am responsible for raising the money to pay the bills to keep the band on the stage.  In Atlanta, if I were raising $$$ to promote Gangster Rap, I could just throw one concert and my bank account would be immediately bullet proof.  Buxtehude is viewed in the land of collard greens and corn bread as possibly a car thief to be shot at!  ;-)

Perhaps this Forum can share some valuable experiences in successful/unsuccessful efforts at "pulling the lining out of the pockets"!  The ABO will begin its 10th season onstage in 2008 as the only period-instrument orchestra performing in the Southeast. Despite the struggles...we have SURVIVED!

BREAKING NEWS:  Jonathan Dlouhy, Principal oboe with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, has just signed on effective July 1 as Director of Marketing and Administration for the ABO!  AND...not so breaking but rather miraculous, John Hsu from Cornell University accepted our offer in January of 2006 to serve as Artistic Director for the ABO.  God is on our side!

A Happy Weekend to All!


Atlanta Baroque Orchestra
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   - Hector Berlioz


Re: Fundraising in Early Music

If I knew anything about fundraising I'd start my own orchestra. I'd be happy to try to put you in touch with your counterparts in other similar groups. I've done well as a part of fundraising efforts, like the time I played a recital in an art gallery that brought in over 40k in pledges for Portland BarOrch. If I could organize those myself I'd play nothing but art gallery recitals. The key is getting the right deep pockets to the event and these people are usually swayed by other deep pockets.  Are you a member of ASOL? I know, the S for Symphony doesn't quite fit, but it's been good for Philharmonia to be in the club. This is not my field of expertise so I'll shut up now.
Congratulations on your new appointments! A lot of my colleagues speak about John Hsu in the kind of glowing terms you never ever hear applied to conductors.