Topic: 3k Heckel for sale on E-bay

Item number: 330024576339.

Am I alone in thinking that this instrument is a lot overpriced, especially as there's a key missing, broken tenon, no bocal? Still someone's bidding!

Re: 3k Heckel for sale on E-bay

The bassoon is WAY overpriced!!!   I wouldn't pay $1000 for it.  It would make a nice lamp though.   (I'd give them $100 for it)

Mark Ortwein
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


Re: 3k Heckel for sale on E-bay

I was thinking of being a little more generous Mark - but not a lot considering the condition.

I have recently worked on a 3000 Heckel that is still being played regularly although it was updated a long time ago (Possibly by Heckel) with whisper key & ring keys on butt & wing joints. The owner makes it sound lovely but she has lived with it for about 25 years & can hold her own even in a Richard Strauss sized orchestra.
I wouldn't want to play it though.

Ian White