Topic: message's questionable link

I just read message #22 in the following thread:

The text in the message itself is innocuous.

The website link in the message goes to some sort of marketing research page.

Maybe it's legit; maybe it's spam. Either way, I thought I'd bring it to the attention of the moderators, just in case. Having moderated forums like this, I'm immediately suspicious of any message that links to something involving marketing research.

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Re: message's questionable link

For what it's worth, the link isn't in the message, it's in their user profile.  It is a little suspect, but mostly only because the users only post is that one and it's not very indicative to prove the person is really a double reed player based on that one post.  I'd say leave it alone unless the person starts posting a lot and is clearly not a double reed player and just trying to spread the website link around for increased Google results.

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