Topic: Oboe d'Amore

Does anyone have a good source for oboe d'amore rental? We are considering renting 2 for the weekend of November 4-5; Forrest's d'amores are not available.

Alternatively (and NOT what I'd like, but realistically) does anyone know about a transposed part for the Bach Cantata 36? I have not seen the parts so I don't know if it is just too low to do this. But would be good to have a backup plan.

Thanks for your help!
Jill Cathey


Re: Oboe d'Amore


Try OboeWorks or Pat McFarland for oboe d'amore rental.  I think the oboe d'amore that Pat Farland has uses a plastic or composite upper joint which is really nice for avoiding cracks on an instrument that may not be played regularly.

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