Topic: Baroque Oboe Instructor

I am a baroque flutist who has decided to take the jump and learn baroque oboe as well.

I have ordered an instrument that I won't receive until August, however, I thought I should start looking for an instructor now.

I live in South Florida (west of Ft. Lauderdale), however, I would be willing to travel periodically (east coast - NY, Ohio, eastern seaboard preferably) for lessons/help with reeds/etc.

Can anyone give me some recommendations for an instructor?

Thanks very much,

R. Scott Ireland

Re: Baroque Oboe Instructor

I would recommend Stephen Bard if you plan to be in Philly. He teaches at Peabody in Baltimore, too.
He also provides historical cane.


Re: Baroque Oboe Instructor

Thank you for the recommendation!

I have already made arrangements for lessons with Geoffrey Burgess (also in Philly), so I think I'm in good shape at this point.