Topic: Old Linton Bassoon

I just ran across an old Linton bassoon for a reconstruction project. It's currently junk, but so was the price (almost). I tried to visit the Linton web site to find some background and "birthdate" via serial #, but the connection doesn't seem to be stabel.

ANYWAY, I'd like to collect some knowledge about this piece, and check its trail as much as possible.

I played bassoon pretty well in school (more than a few years ago) and the bug has hit again! At least for repairing & rebuilding and the requisite noodling. And I need to have a use for the old reeds I made back then ;-)

This Linton bassoon, s/n 5K 14553 begins as plastic (in pieces now), but ends with a thin wood that sounds like it might have an interesting tone (eventually).
1) Are these pieces really from the same horn?
2) Can I estimate, or search for, a birthdate from the s/n?
3) Is there a site to see if such instruments have been stolen/lost, much like the one I found for flutes?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Old Linton Bassoon

You might want to check with someone who does a lot of bassoon restoration-- Paul Lein ( comes to mind. He also makes excellent bassoon lamps, which might be a possibility for your old Linton. I must confess that my limited experience with Linton bassoons has been quite negative. The instrument I started on in 1960 was a school-owned wooden Linton, and I am amazed I chose to continue playing with that instrument, it was truly awful! Probably what kept me going was that I managed to save enough money to purchase a Puechner of my own in 1963...

It is likely that the wooden joint is from the same bassoon as the plastic joints, as I seem to remember that at one time Mr. Linton had trouble getting the plastic joints (either wing or long) and had to make them out of wood, then painted them to match the plastic.

Good luck, although my advice would be to try and find something better if you wish to take up playing again-- if you must have plastic, get a Fox III or IV, or Renard 41! Do contact Paul Lein...

David Bell
Alexandria, VA

David Bell
Alexandria, VA
amateur bassoon and contra bassoon