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Hi! I'm from Australia. I have nephews that have started their bassoon lessons for a month now. My concerns is that they aren't that enthusiastic to learn it. As their guardian, since their Mom left them with me when she gets to work, what can I do to motivate them? It's been in the family from generation to generation. I got my own lesson when I was just 3. But never mind we'll not talk about it this time. Let's focus on my two pretty boys. As far as I'm concerned,  these little ones would love it from the moment they saw their grandpa who is my Dad playing music on our get-together days. Please enlighten me. I'm so excited to see them later for their recitals. Am so proud of them and so is their Mom. Thanks!

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G'day Zoey!.

I think that the key to this sort of issue is two fold

1) you can't just FORCE kids to do things they don't really want to do. I think if they Want to do it, they will.

2) Making them want to do it, is probably heavily reliant on their teacher, i know that an inspiring teacher, who as like my first teacher, Specialises in teaching younger students, can really make an impact on how the student sees the instrument, and can impact how they feel about wanting to practice yada yada..

3) IMHO, Take them to a couple orchestra Concerts - fun ones- involving pieces that highlight the bassoon:
Sorcerers Apprentice,
any bassoon concerto,
Rite of spring even.. the list is extensive, but you get the idea.

These suggestions are just my opinion, but they're things that i think about when I teach my students. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Really depends on the student.

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