Topic: Pain and Injury Study for Bassoonists!

A study investigating pain and injury resulting from bassoon playing is being conducted at The University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Applied Research in Music Performance.  The aim of this study is to identify the extent and type of pain and injury suffered by bassoonists.  The goal is to give bassoonists a chance to CONFIDENTIALLY compare their experiences to others in the field and to compile information on what methods are currently available to assist in the prevention and treatment of performance related musculoskeletal disorders in bassoonists.

Specific questions to be addressed by this study include:
•    What is the prevalence of performance related musculoskeletal disorders among bassoonists?
•    Are there areas of the body where bassoonists typically experience pain?
•    Do bassoonists suffer common patterns of injuries?
•    Do bassoonists agree on possible causes for pain?
•    Do bassoonists actively seek relief from pain and are there specific treatments that are frequently used?
•    How is pain and injury perceived by bassoonists?

If you play the bassoon, please go to and follow the "survey" links to confidentially fill out the survey and participate in the study.  If you have questions regarding the study or would like more information please email me.  Thanks!

Paula Brusky, PhD
Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition, Founding Director

Re: Pain and Injury Study for Bassoonists!

I heard about this Professional musicians with shoulder pain and other performance-related musculoskeletal disorders have received little attention in the orthopedic literature. Musicians, who repetitively use their hands overhead such as small string instrument players and conductors, are susceptible to rotator cuff injury. But provided information contain very informative stuff .

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