Topic: looking for some research help

I'm close to publishing what I hope will be a widely circulated article and edition claiming that one of the world's most famous pieces was originally for oboe. I could use a little help fact-checking. This would involve simply browsing through violin concertos of the early 18th century looking for very specific things. Any decent music library would have the resources and I'm talking about hours not days of work. If you are a student or just have a lifestyle that takes you to the library on a regular basis and want to further the cause of the oboe rep, please contact me. I may be able to provide a small honorarium to a qualified person. Thanks


Re: looking for some research help


If you haven't already found someone to help, this sounds like fun. I'm in the Boston area, and have access to the Harvard library system. Please feel free to e-mail me at "oboemike AT gmail DOT com" and we can exchange contact info.